APA Studied During Snow Days–For Real!

By Thomas Grubb | Co-Editor

Coming back immediately after Christmas Break, APA students were greeted with another break due to (un)fortunate weather conditions.

Then, a second storm hit, forcing winter weather cancellations once more.

All in all, the wintry mix blanketed North Carolina with ice and snow, keeping Eastern NC students out of class for five school days and two shortened school days.

APA teachers made sure we had plenty of work to do, though, during our time “stuck” at home.

Personally, I came back to school staring down three essays, a research paper, five Spanish homework assignments, two pre-cal homework assignments, and four AP biology assignments.

Hopefully, due to all the work assigned over the break, the school will decide not to make up the days later in the year.

Yet despite the abhorrent amount of homework that was assigned over the break, I ice skated on the road in front of our house, participated in multiple snowball fights, played soccer in the snow, and made fires in the fireplace.

Still, I feel like I got more accomplished during the break than I would have done being in school.

A change in scenery is always nice!

In conclusion, I implore the school not to extend our school year or have us make up days that we missed due to the snow, because (even in the AP classes) I somehow managed to not get behind.

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