Drama Teacher Happy to Return to APA

Mrs. Amy Calhoun, an APA graduate, is glad to be back teaching drama | Photo by Simel Omer

By Anelisa Holder | Co-Editor

Mrs. Amy Albritton Calhoun makes her way back to Parrott with fresh ideas in mind!

After graduating from APA in 2011, Mrs. Calhoun has returned to teach Parrott’s theater class.

“I really liked the opportunity to choreograph the musicals,” said Mrs. Calhoun, formerly Amy Albritton, of her early years in theater production. “I had an opportunity to step up and lead. I liked being involved in something that included many different types of people such as the orchestra, chorus, and dance groups.”

She is a favorite among her students, who warmed up to her quickly.

“I was excited to know who the new teacher was,” said sophomore Kyle Turik. “When I met her she seemed like a very nice person and very excited about her job.”

Another sophomore, Rachel Alexander-Lee, said: “My first impression of Mrs. Calhoun was that she’s very nice, enthusiastic, and invested in what we do.”

When asked about her first impression of her students, Mrs. Calhoun replied, “I feel very blessed with the students because they are very passionate and hardworking. They’re more fun to work with than I expected!”

On Nov. 3-4, the theatre students are participating in the NCTC festival at Washington (NC) HS, a statewide drama competition,  and will perform “Twitch and Trifles.”

Here’s a link to the competition’s website: http://www.nctc.org/high-school-play-festival/overview/

The annual musical they are preparing is “The Addams Family,” to be performed beginning Feb. 15.

Mrs. Calhoun is excited to be back and teach where she once was taught!

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