APA LAX: Past, Present, and Future

Senior Philip Johnson scoops a ground ball | Contributed photos

By Rachel Alexander-Lee | Special Correspondent


Since the beginning of the 2018 APA lacrosse season, the Patriots have lost six of its ten original starters.

Is this a macabre lacrosse Hunger Games?

Fortunately, it’s nothing so dire, but the loss of these players set Coach Gordon Churchill’s squad back initially.

At the beginning of the season, APA set modest expectations and hoped to make the playoffs; however, the loss of so many players forced the team to temper their hopes.

APA stands at of 2-8, with losses coming at the hands of Coastal Brigade, Clayton HS, NRCA, SDS, Cary CS, and CFA.

The Patriots have won twice against Epiphany.

“(The last game – a 14-8 loss to CCS – was) not very fun,” said sophomore Baylor Merritt, “due to the lack of offensive players, the defense was exhausted.”

The team has had to move players around to try to adjust.

Fortunately, players have stepped up.

“John Harvey (Turner has stepped up),” said Merritt, a defender. “With all the offense we have lost, John Harvey has helped keep us afloat.”

APA’s Yousef Taha break away from a defender

This scarcity of players was not entirely unexpected.

The lacrosse team had big shoes to fill.

“This year was a rebuilding year, after losing two all-state players and two conference players last year,” said Will Churchill.

The team is optimistic that they will have a good season next year.

“We expect to move up many players next year that will make a positive difference for the team,” said Churchill, an attacker.

APA’s leading goal scorers in 2018 are Churchill and Turner, both juniors.

Junior William McPhaul and senior Philip Johnson are the Patriots’ leaders in ground balls: McPhaul is ranked No. 4 in the NCISAA Div. 1 stat sheet and Johnson is listed  sixth.

Freshman Mitchell Brydge has been a mainstay in goal for the Patriots.

The team has three games left.

Though the team has faced adversity this year, the players have pushed through the struggles and have adapted with true Patriot spirit.

Beginning tomorrow, the squad’s final games are against St. David’s (home May 3) and D.H. Conley (home May 8 and away May 10).

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