Will U.S. Ban Assault Rifles?

By Thomas Grubb | Co-Editor

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, the one topic lurking in the back of the minds of all Americans — and APA students — is gun control: Will school shootings happen again, and when and where and how will they occur?

In our particular part of the country, Eastern NC, guns have become a part of our culture due to the popularity of hunting and shooting.

(See the Parrott Post’s upcoming story on the APA shooting club’s recent success.)

The rifles that are currently under the microscope, though, are not the guns that are used by, say, the Parrott shooting team.

While some would want all guns banned, which, of course, is unconstitutional, the most likely “gun ban” to take place, if any, would be a ban on assault weapons and certain modifications to guns like bump stocks, suppressors, and high capacity magazines.

Almost everybody has his or her own opinion on gun control, ranging from ceasing sales of all guns and seizing them from the public, to letting all guns and modifications be completely free for all to use.

However, most people fall somewhere between these two, be it limiting guns to people without a criminal record, to not allowing people with mental illness to own guns, or to requiring background checks when gun buyers purchase guns.

Perhaps the most plausible and controversial part of this argument is an assault rifle ban.

Stay tuned to see how the country responds to gun control, especially with a half million Americans scheduled to march this Saturday in the #marchforourlives rally in Washington, DC.


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