Snow-cation: Good or Bad?

By Anelisa Holder I Co-Editor

Parrott students got what they wished for – an extra week of Christmas break!

And all because of three-five inches of snow.

The unfortunate (or maybe fortunate) thing about going to a school that caters to many regions is that different places respond differently to weather conditions.

So, Parrott students and staff couldn’t go to school until the majority of Parrott students were safe to travel to school.

APA junior Grace Williams, a resident of Kinston, said, “The entire lake in [her] neighborhood froze.”

We had almost a week of no school because of snow and ice creating unsafe road conditions.

The loss of school days situation is parallel to last year’s week “flood-cation” for Hurricane Matthew.

Just because we didn’t have school, that didn’t mean we didn’t do any work.

Students kept up with assignments via Renweb and email.

“Any days out of school are very frustrating for me personally,” said Mr. Donald Clark, AP US History teacher, “because it is so difficult to teach all the material that’s required for students to be successful on the AP exam.”

But Mr. Clark used the time off effectively for his students: “I had my students writing actual practice AP essays during [the time off].”

Not to worry, though, as snow days DID mean a little bit of relaxation for APA students.

Junior Ava Haddad said, “I went sledding and shoveled snow and I played games.”

Yasmine Habal, a junior, simply “dilly-dallied in the snow.”

All in all, the snow days were a time well used.

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