SERV Going to Washington

By Anelisa Holder I Co-Editor Every year Parrott students have the chance to go on a service trip with SERV (Students Effectively Realizing their Value).

Mrs. Leslie Lewis, SERV coordinator, plans and leads the trips.

Service trips alternate between local (in the US) and abroad (out of the country).

This year Parrott will be traveling to Washington, DC, and Mrs. Lewis is still accepting applications, so act fast!

Many people would like to go, but only a select number will be accepted.

Mrs. Moye, former SERV coordinator and now college admissions counselor, is a strong supporter of service in general.

“It’s really important for our students to get out and understand that the world is not kind to everyone,” said Mrs. Moye. “(Also, students) need to find a way to give back to their communities.”

Junior Drew Dacey just wants to help out those in need.

“They’re just normal people and need help,” said Dacey matter-of-factly.

Yasmine Habal, another junior interested in going to DC, has a heart for service.

“I love serving because I love helping people and seeing all the priceless smiles,” she said.

Mrs. Lewis addressed what the DC Service trip will include: “We will be working with a service organization called the Pilgrimage.”

The Pilgrimage is also a church that houses volunteer groups like APA’s SERV.

The focus of the trip is helping the homeless of DC and helping those moving into their first home or apartment.

Here are sophomore Anna Morris and junior Ridge Lewis’s thoughts on the DC SERV trip:

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