Science Olympiad Earns State Berth

By Simal Omer | Special Correspondent
It’s on to NC State in Raleigh for the APA Science Olympiad team.
Led by coach Mrs. Karen Barker, the Patriot squad finished second overall in the regional Science Olympiad competition at LCC on Feb. 10, and earned a place in the North Carolina competition April 21.
APA Science Olympiad members are excited about advancing to the state competition | Contributed photos

Both teams pushed their limits and performed extraordinarily well, with the JV team placing first overall and the varsity team placing second.

“We had two teams and, out of those two teams, 22 out of 30 students (had) never competed before,” said Coach Barker. “Both teams were successful and the future success of (APAs) Science Olympiad is bright.”
Many of the students gained valuable experience at the event.
Isha Omer, a seventh grader new to the day-long competition who competed in Anatomy and Physiology and Solar System, felt she learned more about herself.
“Science Olympiad pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn things I had never dreamed of before,” said Omer.
APA eighth grader Elia Movahed, who competed in Crimebusters, said, “I felt confident that we will do well because we have such a great team.”

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