Pres. Clinton in Greenville: ‘Clinton 4 Prez!’

Pres. Clinton exhorts the crowd in Greenville
Pres. Clinton exhorts the crowd in Greenville

Staff Reports

Former President Bill Clinton ignited the Democratic base in Eastern NC Tuesday evening in Greenville at a Five Points Plaza rally of over 500 supporters.

Introduced by former NC Governor Jim Hunt, the 42nd U.S. president ¬†endorsed his wife, Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton, to help unite the country, bring jobs to the economy, continue clean energy initiatives, and fight America’s enemies abroad.

Pres. Clinton received a rousing response when he suggested that the next Clinton administration would lead America into a future of technological growth and rely on new ideas and concepts to solve America’s problems.

“One side says that America is in terrible shape and it’s us versus them,” said Pres. Clinton, citing the choices American voters will have Nov. 8. “But I’m on your side against them, whoever them is.

“Hillary says there is no them that there is only us. And we have to learn to get along with each other and live and work together so that we’re stronger together.”


Pres. Clinton spoke to supporters about Secretary Clinton’s plans for economic growth, connecting future growth with jobs and opportunities in Eastern NC.

“We can afford a major national infrastructure plan that will connect Eastern North Carolina to the rest of the economy, not jus through roads and bridges and ports and airports, but through affordable broadband access for every community in America,” said Pres. Clinton.

Early voting was another important to the former president, who encouraged voters to bring “friends, family, and coworkers” to the polls.

Afterward, Pres. Clinton shook hands, took selfies, signed autographs, and greeted supporters.

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