New Teachers Bring New Energy

By Anelisa Holder | APA has had the addition of five new teachers this year: Mrs. Kristin White, Mrs. Natalie Sweeley, Mr. Robbie Dunn, Mrs. Amy Albritton Calhoun, and Mrs. Cyndy Faulkner.

Everyone seems to be loving the new teachers.”Change is always important,” said APA assistant headmaster Mr. Hugh Pollock. “They’re ‘new blood’ so to speak. These younger teachers have had experiences that we haven’t.”

APA science instructor Mrs. Karen Barker agreed with Mr. Pollock: “New teachers bring new ideas to the school and I am excited about them.”

Mrs. White, the new US history teacher, softball coach, and US guidance counselor, said “I’ve enjoyed being here. What everyone said about Parrott is right. There is such a family environment. I’ve been impressed with the students I’ve met so far.”

Mrs. White comes to APA from Lawrence Academy, and she definitely made good first impressions, at least according to one of her students.

Junior Elizabeth Pittman said on the first day that “Mrs. White looked so¬†sophisticated when she walked into the room.”

Another new teacher, Mrs. Amy Albritton Calhoun, the new theater teacher, is a Parrott alumna (’11).

“It’s good to be back!” said Mrs. Calhoun. “A lot has changed (at APA), of course. When I went to APA, I didn’t see myself teaching here but APA is different. It is a good community and the students are special. I don’t know if I would’ve taught unless it was at a place like Parrott Academy.”

APA teachers and students agree, change is good and the new facility members are optimistic about their new positions.

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