Meet the Candidates (VIDEO)

Students hang posters in the Hill Building in support of their candidates | Staff photos

By Thomas Grubb | Editor

The SGA Elections are right around the corner, and the candidates are campaigning in full force this year.

Running for the “Oval Office” this year is Hannah Scott Avery and AJ Banker.

Running for Vice President we have Holden Killinger and Anton Hnatov.

Running for Treasurer is Isabel Morris and Jacob John.

Running for Parliamentarian is William McPhaul, Sybil Sides, and Grace Fountain.

Finally, running for Secretary is Mia Minges and Scarlett Combs.

The campaign platforms and slogans are creative and original.

Anton Hnatov, a candidate for Vice President, is running entirely on the platform of having untucked shirts for the guys and open top shirts for the girls.

Below, all the candidates state why students should vote for them.

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