Hurricane Season: Why 2017 is So Bad?

By Thomas Grubb | Co-editor

In the span of almost a month and a half, there have been almost a record number of high-powered hurricanes.

Harvey, Irma, Josè, Katia, and now Maria have all been Category 1 or higher hurricanes, causing a tragic loss of lives and causing billions of dollars of damage.

Maria, being the latest hurricane and following the path of Irma, is the only Category 1, while the others have been 3 or higher.

The Caribbean islands have been hit especially hard, taking the brunt of four out of five of these major storms; Katia hit Mexico instead.

The frequency of these storms marks the first time since 2010 that three hurricanes have been active all at once in the Atlantic.

Many people have been quick to theorize as to why there have been so many hurricanes, including blaming governmental weather experiments, believing the earth is gaining consciousness and trying to kill the USA, and, of course, suggesting global warming as the culprit.

None of these — save for climate change — have any real proof behind them.

The truth is, it has just been a very bad year for hurricanes

This has happened before, and it will happen again.

It has, however, drawn people together, with many heart-warming stories coming out of Houston of people being saved from their flooded homes by other civilians with boats and other forms of transportation.

And we even have our own relief efforts APA.

Trey McLawhorn, a sophomore, has been selling t-shirts to help raise money for hurricane victims and to provide them with basic clean-up kits that will help survivors as they return to flood- and wind-damaged homes.

More hurricanes more frequently: 2001, 2010, and now 2017 will go down as some of the worst years for hurricanes.

Hopefully as we reach the end of hurricane season, we can all stay safe and pray for nothing like Matthew to happen again (like N.C. saw last year).

And maybe now we can come to a consensus about the relationship between these storms and the weather, and we can begin to agree on the actions we need to take to protect the future of our planet.

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