Future is Bright for Science Olympiad

By Simal Omer | Special Correspondent

Sensational Science!

The APA Science Olympiad team and coach Mrs. Karen Barker set out for its state competition on April 21 at NCSU, just as it does every year, with high hopes.

The team, comprised of MS students (including sixth graders this year for the first time) and freshmen, who assisted in helping the younger ones learn their way around the events, performed in the nation’s second largest Science Olympiad competition.

Out of 107 teams, APA finished 95th overall.

Seventh graders Max Begelman and Blake Brodish had the Patriots’ highest finish, taking 6th place in the Duct Tape Challenge.

Freshman assistants included Tyler Lane, Elizabeth Norris, Mattison Snyder, Walter Shannon, and Garrison Mullen.

“Well, states was fun and gave us a lot of learning experiences,” said Snyder. “It gave us a chance to be on the NCSU campus and compete in events. Even though competition is challenging it’s going to make the team more prepared next year.”

The younger students also played a vital role within the team.

“I enjoyed the experience to think out of the box and explore NC State,” Isha Omer, a seventh grader, said.

Many people were invested in the success of the team, including US chemistry teacher Mrs. Marie Swann, and Allison Christiano, a sophomore.

“I was lucky to have smart, motivated students who wanted to learn the material and genuinely wanted to succeed,” said Christiano. “I believe that the future in Road Scholar is bright for years to come.”


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