First Day at the Academy

By Anelisa Holder | The first day of school typically brings with it nervous anticipation.

New students trying to find their way around.

Returning students meeting up with old friends.

For new sophomore Jan Gerritsen, a Dutch exchange student, her nervousness was unfounded: “Everyone (at APA) is really nice. I like it! The hallways are pretty crowded though.”

Jorja Tuten wasn’t nervous at all, however.

“It’s not that different from 8th grade,” said the incoming freshman.

Eighth grader Anna Haddad was especially excited to be back. “I love school and will work hard even when I don’t see the need,” she declared.

Sophomore George Dismukes was very optimistic on the first day back.

“The first day of school is a good day to get used to all of your classes and meet your teachers,” said Dismukes, who mentioned that he likes Parrott because of the great education and people.

Beyond the opening day of school, August 21st held a special event: the solar eclipse!

An eclipse of this magnitude hasn’t happened in 99 years.

In fact, sisters Mary and Alice Paul traveled to Oregon with their family to see the full effect.

And, of course, our 12th graders came back to school ready to finish their high school years and make new memories, being sure everyone noticed them in their bright orange apparel.

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