Duke BOW Conference Inspires APA Girls

GM CEO Mary Barra (r.) being interviewed at the BOW conference at Duke Feb. 9 | Photo and Cover Photo by Anelisa Holder

By Anelisa Holder | Co-Editor

Women CEOs were in the spotlight at Duke University Feb. 9, carrying a message of empowerment and entrepreneurship to young women around the world –– and at APA.

A group of nearly 20 APA sophomore, junior, and senior girls and chaperones – Mrs. Mitzi Moye, Mrs. Vicki Kennedy, and Mrs. Kristin White – attended the Business Oriented Women (BOW) conference at Page Auditorium on the Durham campus.

The conference, entitled “Women in the C Suite” (named after the office CEOs usually occupy), focused on women leaders in business.

Parrott graduate Ms. Natalie Shamas (’14), president of Duke’s BOW, invited Parrott girls interested in business to attend the conference.

Shamas is pursuing a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, and a Marketing and Management Certificate.

Keynote speakers included Mrs. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, and Ms. Kira Wampler, CEO of Art.com.

Barra told her story, chronicling her humble beginnings as an introvert to rising to her position today as CEO of a major corporation.

(Barra is the first woman to lead a global automaker.)

“Assume goodness of people and build networks everywhere you go,” said Barra.

Grace Williams, an APA junior interested in business, said, “It was a really neat experience hearing Mary; she inspired me.”

Ms. Wampler, a Duke alumna, has been a leader in business with many companies, including Trulia, Lytro, Intuit, Lyft, and now Art.com.

Wampler said she’s learned a lot from working with so many companies.

APA girls and chaperones attended the Duke Business Oriented Women conference Feb. 9 | Contributed photo

According to Wampler, the way to go far in your career is to “maintain curiosity.”

Next in the conference, a panel of four entrepreneurs, all Duke alumni, were interviewed on stage and spoke of how risky – but exciting – the life of an entrepreneur can be.

For more information about the Duke Business Oriented Women program, go to www.duke-bow.com.




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