Dance Ensemble

By Stecia Howard | Special Correspondent

  • Upper School Dance Ensemble Showcase

The APA Dance Showcase is an annual performance by the US Dance Ensemble.

This year the showcase will feature state competition pieces, including one dedicated to the graduating seniors on the team.

“The showcase includes everything (the dancers) have learned from the beginning of the year,” said Mrs. Hort. “It is cumulative; whereas Arts in the Park or pep rally is more specifically for that event.”

Dances will vary in style, including jazz, hip hop, lyrical, student choreography, and solo pieces.

“The showcase has more variety of the types of dances and shows off more techniques,” said freshman Elyse Measmer.

The girls’ dedication and love for dance clearly shows through during a showcase.

“Our classmates and peers get to see another side of us, rather than in school and in class every day, they get to see our passion for dance,” said freshman Eryn McKendrick.

And if it weren’t clear already, Mrs. Hort suggested that APA students bring the same enthusiasm to watch the showcase as they do when attending Patriot athletic events.

“The students and teachers get to see what we work hard for during the year,” said Mrs. Hort. “The dancers are vulnerably expressing themselves and people should come to support them like we do with sports and other activities.”

The date for this year’s showcase is still “To Be Determined.”

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