Chess Club: No Dead Draw

By Simal Omer | Special Correspondent

Welcome to the chess club!

The formation of this club was made possible by APA junior Alex Wheelis, the founder, and sophomore Charlie Johnson, the co-founder.

The club holds official practices on Thursdays at club period, but you can find its members enhancing
their skills in the cafeteria daily.

“I have been playing chess with my friends at lunch ever since ninth grade,” said Johnson. “We’ve created a great group with lots of potential.”

Chess provides more experiences than just playing a game, according sophomore Kareem Almasri.

“The chess club gives you a chance to play a game with your friends,” said Almasri, “that allows you to have fun while strategizing to defeat your opponent. The social aspect allows people to share other strategies and learn
new things.”

Sophomore Winfield Warren has enjoyed his time with the Chess Club, as well.

“I like chess because I like to get together with friends and play the game I love,” said Winfield Warren.

Every nine weeks, the students get together and play school-wide tournaments.

Johnson won the previous tourney.

Even if you are new to the game or haven’t even seen a chessboard before, Wheelis and Johnson encourage you to attend one of these meetings; you may enjoy it more than you thought!

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