Battle of the Books: Reading is Fun!

By Simal Omer | Special Correspondent

Reading is fun to this group of kids!

Especially when students participate in the Battle of the Books competition.

“I enjoyed the experience because we got to read a lot of cool books,” APA sixth grader Mackky Mozie said.

Team members, comprised of 6-8 graders, included captain Isha Omer, Alli Grace Frank, Morgan Boyce, Christian Ouano, Elizabeth Norris, Tien Lee, and Mozie.

APAs Battle of the Books team traveled to Harrells CA Feb. 28 to compete against five teams, including Faith CS, Harrells CA, and eventual winner Oakwood School.

APA finished second place overall, falling behind by one point on the final question.

“I’m proud of the team because we came a long way,” said Omer, who, along with her teammates, were required to read at least ten books.

The team was comprised of six sixth graders and two seventh graders, and was coached by Mrs. Staci Basden and Mrs. Judy Carey.

“We’re excited that everyone will be back next year,” said Mrs. Basden.

The regional competition will be held in Chapel Hill.

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