APA’s Guitar Heroes

APA guitarists earned accolades for their talents | Photos by Simal Omer

By Simal Omer | Special Correspondent

APA’s 2017-’18 guitar class, led by Mrs. Debbie Fallin, strummed their final notes April 17 at the Remington Theater –– to much applause and acclaim.

Reminiscing on his final concert, Jacob John, a senior, said, “I think the concert was a great success. The seniors wanted to put our own twist on the final song and in the end we just had fun and strummed our hearts out.”

The concert consisted of many pieces, including “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, the Kinks’ “Lola,” and the Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

Students showed their full range of talent, not just in the instrumental aspect, but in vocal as well: Everette Haddad, Savannah Harrison, and John sang different songs throughout the program.

Sophomore Jackson Crocker commented, “The concert went really well. It was great to see and hear all of APA’s guitarists play together.”

One of the newer players, 4th grader Wali Omer, said, “I enjoyed playing ‘Perfect’ and ‘A Candle in the Wind.’”

This guitar group is more than just a music group –– it’s almost like a second family to many of the students, whose passion and devotion to the instrument shined during their performances.

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