AP Classes: A World of Information

Hannah Steinberg (front) and other APA students look over AP course offerings during the AP Fair | Photos by Natalie Christiano

By Natalie Christiano | Special Correspondent

The two-day AP Fair, held during club period in the library for US  students on April 27 and April 30, offered APA students a wealth of information, helping students to plan their academic futures.

The AP Fair is an informational session held for students who wish to enroll in AP courses in the coming year.

During this session, the teachers of these courses spoke briefly about the course they taught, placing emphasis on subject matter, skills and prerequisites for the class.

Teachers also provided students with valuable insight about projects, tests, and workloads in AP classes.

“It was very informative, especially for a new student,” said sophomore Stecia Howard.

Teachers also distributed handouts, going into more details about the AP courses that they teach.

The assembly is a helpful resource, according to AP statistics teacher Mrs. Mary Leighton: “The AP fair gave students a chance to meet and to see the teachers who teach AP courses.”

Students used this information to help them plan their schedules for the 2018-19 school year.

“The AP Fair helped me decide which classes I’m taking next year,” said junior Ava Haddad.

On April 27, information was given on AP Language, AP Literature, AP US History, AP World History, AP Government, AP Psychology, and AP Computer Science.

On April 30, students heard information on AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, and AP Statistics.

Although the information given at the AP Fair was helpful, students should see the teachers individually about any questions they may have about these courses.

APA assistant headmaster Mr. Hugh Pollock also recommended that students talk to others currently enrolled in the AP courses they wish to take in order to get a feel for the class.

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