Has It Really Been 50 Years?

Mr. Pollock accepts a commemorative football jersey, signed by APA alumni, at the Homecoming football game | Staff photos

By Anelisa Holder I Co-Editor

Mr. Hugh Pollock is a hero among the student body, faculty, and staff.

This is his 50th year at Parrott Academy – all the way from being a young biology teacher and coach to being the assistant headmaster today.

Mr. Pollock makes every effort to learn students’ names, fist pumps all the high schoolers as they come into the high school building, and brightens students’ days by asking how things are going.

Former exchange student from Germany, Marie Anchiara, referred to him as her “American grandfather.”

This description is very fitting.

Always ready to help, Mr. Pollock even stepped in as interim headmaster a couple of years ago.

Mr. Pollock is a humble man; so he doesn’t credit himself but gives credit to the school.

“To be here for 50 years is not so much a testament to me, but it is to how well the school has survived,” said Mr. Pollock. “My term, here at the Academy, for 50 years is because I truly have a love for [the school].”

Mr. Pollock enjoys everything about Parrott – the school values, helping the kids that come to Parrott, and watching all the students grow up and become responsible adults.

His love for the school truly shows.

“He’s very approachable and easy to talk to,” said junior Ava Haddad.

Sophomore Alli Grant Avery agrees: “Mr. Pollock cares about every student and he genuinely wants the best for them.”

“He’s a good man that cares about others and understands everyone,” said several of the cafeteria staff.

Mr. Pollock has watched the school grow from just “two buildings and no grass [to] bunches of buildings and so much grass we can’t keep up with it.”

Will Connolly respects Mr. Pollock and appreciates how he keeps the school in order.

“He’s like the police of Parrott and keeps everyone in line, which is good,” said Will Connolly, a junior.

Mr. Pollock’s presence at Parrott has spanned several generations of students and parents.

“Parrott Academy has had many leaders in the last 53 years,” said Headmaster Dr. Bert Bright, who has worked with Mr. Pollock for 25 years, “but the face of Parrott Academy is Mr. Hugh Pollock.”

Dr. Bright added: “He’s a man of integrity and has been a great mentor for me.”

(Personally, I hope Mr. Pollock stays at Parrott for many more years because Parrott just wouldn’t be the same without him.)


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